Content and Assessment Creation


Digital Learning With No Boundaries

Intrallect works with various technology partners to provide integrated solutions for our clients. IntraLibrary plus 3rd party tools – greater than the sum of their parts through integration

We call this integrated solution intraPlus.

Through intraLibrary Plus you can integrate tools with intraLibrary. For example if you are using an authoring tool to create an interactive lesson you can discover and embed content from intraLibrary and save the lesson in intraLibrary to share it with others and allow them to edit and build on what you have created. In addition you can use intraLibrary’s workflows to use these tools at appropriate points in a workflow and enhance the process with intraLibrary workflow basics such as peer review, quality assurance and assigning quality marks.

Some components already capable of integration to intraLibrary Plus are:

  • intraCAT: A Content Authoring Tool (CAT)
  • Question/Test Builder: A pair of applications for building individual assessment questions and for assembling them into tests/exams.

If you would like to see how these work or if you have other applications that you would like to see integrated into intraLibrary Plus please  Contact Us.