Digital Marketplace

The Digital Career is a virtual, always available market place for applicants and recruiters. The virtual platform aims to streamline the traditional application process. Being an online portal, applicants and recruiters able to access the market place at any given time and view live capstone projects without physical presence. The virtual market revolutionizes how we,…

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Digital Library

Digital Career Exchange offers a ‘one-stop’ place for recruiters and applicants to showcase their talent, projects and vacancies while maintaining consistent and authentic communication. The virtual market place provides a digital platform for recruiters to advertise/ promote their job applications. Applicants on this platform can consistently update…

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Digital Passport

The Digital Career Platform is virtual marketplace for applicants and recruiters. Being a digital marketplace has allowed both parties to reap massive benefits. Applicants can access a unified location, comprising of variety of enterprises and industries. While recruiters have access to a large pool of applicants; reducing time, cost and resources in hosting a personal career fair in which can run for limited amount time and attendances…

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