Digital Passport

The Digital Career Platform is virtual marketplace for applicants and recruiters. Being a digital marketplace has allowed both parties to reap massive benefits. Applicants can access a unified location, comprising of variety of enterprises and industries. While recruiters have access to a large pool of applicants; reducing time, cost and resources in hosting a personal career fair in which can run for limited amount time and attendances.

The most important aspect of our platform are digital platforms. Upon signing up, each applicant is given a digital passport. This can be considered as a storage repository in which applicants can essentially withhold a magnitude of academic, personal and professional material. Such personal storage solutions can be used to show case their talent to recruiters, which can access a magnitude of content. Most often, applicants upload a copy of their personal and capstone projects to their passports, which is then accessible and demonstrated to recruiters. This innovative approach enables applicants and recruiters to establish a much meaningful and insightful insight with each other; drastically improve of the traditional resume and cover letter approach.

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