Digital Marketplace

The Digital Career is a virtual, always available market place for applicants and recruiters. The virtual platform aims to streamline the traditional application process. Being an online portal, applicants and recruiters able to access the market place at any given time and view live capstone projects without physical presence. The virtual market revolutionizes how we, as individuals are able communicate, network and fulfill jobs applications. The virtual marketplace is always available for applicants and recruiters. Applicants able to consistently update their digital passport, this enables a ‘one-stop place’ for applicants to record their latest work. Having a digital passport enables recruiters to gain more in-depth insight into the applicant’s background.The Digital Career Exchange platform is unique marketplace, where applicants and recruiters have single and consistent access to a recruitment marketplace. Being an innovative solution, applicants are exposed to variety of enterprises and industries, while recruiters have access to a wide pool of talents and discipline. Effectively, this is a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties.

From a recruiter’s perspective, the virtual market place enables meaningful insight to the motivated; skilled applicants through accessing digital passports. Fundamentally, applicants and recruiters can engage with direct communication.

As a virtual marketplace, the platform is available for all parties interested in networking and engaging in virtual fairs. Other than applicants and recruiters, parties such as academia institutes and employment agencies can widely engage. The opportunities are end-less.

Our digital platform is effectively innovative, engaging and user friendly; eliminates, time, effort and overhead cost of physical, but yet, limited career fairs.

This exciting platform is a ‘one-stop’ shop for both, applicants and recruiters. The Digital Career Platform is ultimately evolving with more enterprises and applicants joining the platform, it is therefore important for us to continually deliver top quality platform. The Digital Career Platform is being enhanced with new features, including social media integration, efficient matching and push notification support. Stay connected and watch out for the news in our site to best stay updated.