Digital Library

Digital Career Exchange offers a ‘one-stop’ place for recruiters and applicants to showcase their talent, projects and vacancies while maintaining consistent and authentic communication. The virtual market place provides a digital platform for recruiters to advertise/promote their job applications. Applicants on this platform can consistently update their digital passport with relevant materials, such as transcripts, video content, resumes, projects, documents, etc. An important aspect of this work is the feature that allows applicants to reach-out/establish direct communication with recruiters; likewise, the recruiters can seamlessly communicate with applicants who have expressed their interest. Once a mutual interest has been reached by both applicant and recruiter, the recruiter can then offer a position or further proceed the applicant into their next recruitment phrase.We understand and respect user privacy; therefore, all communication between applicants and recruiter are private, and cannot be intercepted by anyone else.

An important concept of this platform is the use of digital library. Much like a library, the digital library can be thought of a bookshelf comprising of thousands of books, but in this phenomenon, a digital library with digital passports. Each digital passport is composed of the magnitude of content chosen by their owner (applicant). The digital library is available to all recruiters on the platform; able to adequately view any of the digital passport.

As the digital library is continuously growing, it is fundamental for recruiters to have an imperative approach for best filtering/selecting digital passports which best suits their needs. To accumulate this, the Digital Career Exchange platform allows advanced filtering of the digital library.

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