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ROMA Care was originally designed for the domiciliary care industry by people who work in the industry. We understand that care providers work in different ways, so we have created this software to allow you ”our customer” to work not only efficiently, but productively.

Over the years ROMA Care has evolved greatly into a very user friendly product that gives private companies and local governments a complete solution to monitoring their care staff members, thus aiding you in delivering a better quality of service.

It’s a solution for you to store and quickly access all documentation and information about care required by the service users or residents.

Please see full list of features at the bottom of this page.


We know that scheduling care is a time consuming task, that’s us at Intrallect, have automated a lot of the work for you.

ROMA Care has 2 methods of scheduling care visits.

SMART Rota – This method allows you to assign 4 primary carers to a service user. The system will auto allocate carers to visits depending on time, availability and previous visits.

Roster Care – This is a manual method, but with the assistance of Google maps distance calculation. Once assigning a carer to a their first care visit, it will the tell you which service user will be closest to them allowing you to schedule them for that next visit, again the system will repeat itself and recalculate the distances and give you the next closest service user including the number of times they have delivered care to that user.



Instead of reacting to changes and new challenges, you can see the road ahead and plan accordingly, so your workforce is simpler to manage.​ ROMA Care will help you and your business improve Scheduling, Time and Attendance Management, Reporting, Pay and Bill and Invoicing.

We can also offer a number of REAL TIME call monitoring solutions for the welfare of your employees and to ensure you meet the welfare standards.

We automate the process of creating and maintaining a schedule, which makes it easy to track Holiday, Sickness, and alert when there are conflicts.

Payroll – ROMA Care analyses real time and past activity to provide accurate data for payroll with a simple export into Sage.

The admin website is fully customisable and allows bespoke task creation allowing for accurate data analysis and service delivery. We integrate into 3rd parties such as swift and liquid logic to receive tasks and service user information. Full audit trail and reporting functionality is available from within the admin website.

We have developed an integrated mobile application which enables managers/supervisors to monitor the “Time and Attendance” and employee schedules in Real-time enabling them to react to issues before they escalate.

Key Benefits:

  • Access anywhere any time using any device with a web browser
  • SMART Auto scheduling
  • Scheduling Care with automatic distance calculation with Google maps
  • Mileage calculation
  • Facial and Finger scan biometric device integration
  • Reduced administration time
  • Increased Time & Attendance accuracy
  • Real-time call monitoring and schedules on any smartphone
  • Pay/Bill data instantly generated
  • Invoicing
  • Mobile phone integration with web app and the use of QR codes
  • Absence management
  • Travel & Subsistence claim management
  • Full reporting and analytical functions
  • Ensure industry welfare checks (if applicable)

ROMA Care also includes:

  • Resident details
  • Care plans
  • Occupancy details
  • Monitoring of dependency levels
  • Fee information
  • History Reports
  • Hospital visit logging