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Welcome to Intrallect’s TechTalk


With the new face of Intrallect ( we are also going to be providing some insight in to the new ways that we are looking to enhance our customer user experience.

With the rapid uptake in the consumption of both web sites and applications, users are becoming more and more accustomed to a better user experience. There are now many example of sites that have succeeded not necessarily due to a particularly exceptional idea but just a simple idea executed well. It is for this reason that user experience now features so highly amongst our product design.

A great tool we have found along the way to help with this: Twitter Bootstrap ( This was initially developed by Mark Otto & Jacob Thornton in order to provide a consistent interface across the tools at Twitter. Fortunately they decided to make the project open source and it has grown in adoption ever since. There could be an argument that the success of this framework is due to the success of the website itself however I would propose that the sites success is due to the clean and friendly user interface.

When we decided to adopt bootstrap on a new product we were surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness that the framework provides. The impact is dramatic and the framework exposes many features that are now familiar to web users such as modal dialogs and tab based page transitions. Another unforeseen benefit was the responsive layout provided by bootstrap. When implemented following the guidance of the getting started guide we were able to produce websites that looked stunning on a host of different screen resolutions with minimal effort.

The downside of bootstrap now is its success. So many sites have uptaken bootstrap in its out of the box form that many website are now looking similar. Whilst from a usability perspective this it beneficial we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and provide lasting impression of the product. Designing a site bears many similarities to choosing a logo ( As a result it is key to extend and customise the themes and layouts to suit the visual identity of the product and the company. Again fortunately this is made simple in Twitter Bootstrap and as a result I have no hesitations in recommending giving this product a try. If you are not confident in your design skills then the difference it will make to your websites will be profound and its so simple!

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