Benefits For Enterprises

The Digital Career Platform is a virtual marketplace for everyone.  Within this marketplace, applicants can host a variety of projects, while having their digital passport accessible for recruiters. The use of digital passports allows recruiters to gain a much meaningful insights into the applicant’s academic and professional background. Entailing this innovative platform increases the likelihood of finding the ideal applicant(s), while streamlining the entire recruitment process and reducing cost. Effectively, the Digital Career Exchange offer enterprises:

  • A single digital platform to overview variety of capstone projects, promote vacancies and establish direct contacts with potential applicants.
  • A single and digital job marketplace with the exposure to various academia institutes and applicants.
  • A digital marketplace, offering high availability, security and privacy.
  • A constantly evolving platform with increasing number of academia and applicants with wide background.
  • A marketplace which is not subjected to any content or material that enterprises may want to promote.
  • A marketplace which supports an internships type placements for applicants.
  • An innovative platform which streamlines the application process while reducing costs in set-up and operating career fairs. Effectively, all efforts and costs can be placed into core business operations.

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