Benefits For Applicants

As an applicant – whenever if you are a student or an opportunist, applying for job positions are difficult and competitive. In its most traditional approach, applicants will have to rely on their resumes and cover letter to communicate their interest as the most basic form. The difficulty for securing job application is further exceeded using tradition job vacancy portals. The traditional approach is tedious and often repeated several times until the right job is secured.

Our solution at IntEduSec alleviates these issues by offering a virtual marketplace for both applicants and recruiters. The Digital Career Exchange is a virtual job market, where the applicants have access to a large audience of recruiters; able to showcase their talent, academia qualifications, projects and professional background. The Digital Career Exchange:

  • Offers a digital platform where applicants can showcase their projects and talent in one place to numerous recruiters across variety of industries.
  • Provides a single and secured job marketplace covering various enterprises and industries at all levels. Applicants can gain a much fuller understanding of recruiters and engage quick communication.
  • Promotes a digital marketplace, offering high availability, security and privacy.
  • Provides unified storage repository (digital passport & digital library) for applicants to upload any of their academic, professional and personal projects. The use of single repository provides a range of material that can be showcased to endless number of employers across various industries seamlessly. This out-performs the traditional resume, cover letter and “I’ll be in contact” approach.
  • Offers a constantly evolving platform with increasing number of enterprises and industries joining the recruitment pool.
  • Supports a marketplace for internship type placements.
  • Grants an innovative application, which saves time and effort for attending limited timed and sized career fairs.
  • Promotes applicants to create and maintain their digital footprint and presence.
  • Supports a data storage for applicants to maintain their personal material.

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