Benefits for Academic Institutes

We believe academia institutes are significantly important actors in our lives. Academia institutes provide prestigious education services to individuals covering a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. It through the Academia, talented individuals can pursue their career in confidence and skill. Most importantly, today’s society, academic is important to strive the community with higher level of education to overcome future demand of occupations. As an academic institute, it is through prime concern that the academicians receive best education and sufficient employment or placement. With Digital Career Exchange platform, we offer a virtual marketplace growing with recruiters across various industries. Your academicians can highly benefit through direct communication, instant feedback while increasing their likelihood for a better outcome. Importantly, the Digital Career Exchange:

  • Consistently available within, ‘24/7/52’ manner
  • Can help maximise the number of applicants to be better positioned in positive outcomes with recruiters relevant to their degrees
  • promotes recruiters and applicants/alumni engagement and communication to maximise job take up
  • provides a unique and unified platform with Internships and graduate positioning roles
  • provides a configurable platform in which academics can arrange their own private
  • private events allows academia to be cost effective (as digital career is less expensive and quicker to set-up than a physical career) and can invite/ authorise recruiters and students to their own event.
  • Provides diagnostic information regarding their own private events such as the progress, usage (Attendance) and positive outputs from the event.

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