Common Questions Answered

About intraLibrary

Which browsers can I use to access intraLibrary?
How is intraLibrary being used by other organisations?
How is intraLibrary licensed?
How much does intraLibrary cost?
Can I use intraLibrary as an image bank?
Can I view thumbnails of images in intraLibrary?
What about image metadata?
Can intraLibrary stream video content?
Can users comment on resources?
Can I be notified when someone comments on my resource?
Does intraLibrary offer a star rating system like Amazon or MERLOT?
Can I search for popular resources?
Can I be notified automatically of new resources in my area of interest?
How can I check what my existing news feeds are?


Searching in intraLibrary

What search facilities does intraLibrary have?
How do I access resources in intraLibrary?

Browsing in intraLibrary

What browse facilities does intraLibrary have?


Web Services

Does intraLibrary support web services?
Are there examples available of web services using intraLibrary?

Uploading Resources and Metadata in intraLibrary

Can I store resources within intraLibrary?
Does intraLibrary support bulk upload of resources?
What metadata standards does intraLibrary support?
How can users create and edit metadata in intraLibrary?
Can I make metadata creation easier for users by automatically filling in fields?
Can users save time by copying metadata from similar resources?
How does intraLibrary support metadata application profiles?
How can I manage metadata vocabularies in intraLibrary?
Can I configure which metadata fields are searched by intraLibrary?

Content Packaging in intraLibrary

Can I import and export IMS and SCORM Content Packages?
Can I view IMS and SCORM Content Packages?
Can I edit IMS and SCORM Content Packages using intraLibrary?
What does your system have over other LORs or LCMSs?

Administration in intraLibrary

How many users can I have on intraLibrary?
Can I make sure that different kinds of users only see the metadata that’s relevant to them?
Can I create my own user roles in intraLibrary?
Can I set up intraLibrary so that different people create different kinds of metadata?
Can I allow different communities of practice to upload and catalogue resources only they are interested in?
How can I manage classifications / taxonomies in intraLibrary?
Can I restrict what collections of resources different users have access to?
Can I restrict which collections external search systems have access to?

About Open Standards

Does intraLibrary use open standards?

About Open Source

Is intraLibrary open source?
Why should I buy your system, when we could develop something just as good ourselves?
What does Intrallect intraLibrary do that open source systems like DSpace, ePrints and Fedora don't?