Integrating Learning Environments

Intrallect is the leading provider of integrated learning solutions for online education, training and assessment. Organisations across the globe, including private sector, government, higher and further education establishments, choose Intrallect to deliver a complete service to underpin their strategic goals for e-learning.

Intrallect’s true strength lies in the team of world-leading consultants who for many years, have been delivering creative enterprise solutions to clients from advising on strategic planning through to delivering interactive and engaging learning experiences. Through partnering with Intrallect, you will be able to benefit from with the best advice and support for your organisation’s learning and training requirements.

Why Integrate

Most organisations use several different environments to manage and deliver education and training. This can be cumbersome and labour intensive. The value that Intrallect bring is by ensuring that these disparate systems work effectively together and ensure that the capabilities of one system can be utilised directly from another system without having to leave one and log into the other. The integration that Intrallect provides is more than just a convenience from an internal perspective, it breaks down barriers to learning by greatly increasing functionality for little or no change in current working practices.

Intrallect enables you to integrate all your systems. Whether you are using proprietary applications, open-source systems, or Intrallect’s own tools we will help created a fully connected training platform composed of “best of breed” applications.